Everything But The Kitchen Sink Black Bean Soup

Imagine this scenario:  your husband is about to come home in an hour, you have to clean up, pick up the kids in half an hour or less, help them with homework and schoolwork and you haven’t even thought about what’s for dinner!  Yes, you need help!

Black bean soup to the rescue!!!

This is one of my go-to recipes when I’m extremely short on time and I don’t even have much in the fridge.  Because I always have a can or two of black bean soup in my cabinet!

Saute ½ onion, add beans from 2 cans black bean (I prefer Goya black bean soup), add vegetable stock, and whatever veggies you have in the fridge (diced tomatoes, chopped peppers, sliced carrot, celery).  I’ve been known to add 2 tablespoons of Adjvar or Salsa as well!  Et voila!!!  The soup is ready!  Just simmer it for 30-40 min and enjoy a delicious meal!